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Why use an LDS tour guide?

Perhaps some of you do not understand what a great opportunity it is to go see the archeological sites like Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Tulum and Coba by means of an LDS tour Guide.

The archeologists do not know where the Mayan's are from, when they arrived here, what it happened to them, or who was their God?

These answers to all of these questions are not found in the archeology but in the greatest source of truth...The Book of Mormon. 

A common tour guide explains accordinng to the knowledge of the man. An LDS tour Guide explains by means of the sacred scriptures that we have in the Gospel. This makes all the difference.

If you book a tour through your hotel there are several downfalls.  They usually are big groups of at least 40 people, which makes it hard for you to hear your tour guide in the archeological sites.  Tour guides are not well paid by the hotels so they will do a "restroom" stop in a shopping place so you can buy something and the tour guide will get a commision from the money you spend.  They will tell you something to the effect of  "In Chichen Itza you can get those souvenirs for a very small price" while at the same time wasting one whole hour of your precious tour for shopping.

I offer smaller, more personal tours.  You can ask more questions, learn more and have a more authentic Mayan/Mexican experience.

Do not miss the chance to learn about Mayan History by means of an LDS tour guide. Contact us with any further questions or to book your tour today!