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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Helaman Tours?

Helaman Tours has been operating for over 34 years, his experience and the knowledge that we offer it will make your tour unique.


How do I reserve my tour?

You can do it online, via email, and through the phone.


What payment options are available?

Venmo, PayPal, US Cash and Checks.


If an emergency happens, how many hours before can I cancel my tour?

24 hours and you'll receive the 80% back, 36 hours before and you'll receive the 90% back, 48 hours and up you'll receive the 100% refund.


Do you provide food? What kind is it?

Yes, it is an Authentic Mexican Buffet. So you are going to have different options of dishes to delight yourself with Authentic Mexican food.

Can I take kids with me?

Of course!, we love to have kids with us, they enjoy our tours more that anyone else.

How many people can be on a tour?

As many as you want. Everything depends how comfortable you feel with a lot of people or less people, we are here to help you and give you a great experience.

Can I modify my tour ?

Yes. we have different options of Archaeologist sites and cenotes that you going to love. Please call us and ask more information.

What kind of transportation do you offer?

From/To Airport to Hotel. Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor round trip transportation.

Do you offer other activities besides snorkeling?

We just offer Snorkeling and the Private Tours. We know that these activities will make your trip to Cancun, the best experience.

Where can i buy souvenirs?

You can buy them at the Mercado 28 or Walmart.

Are pictures restricted in some archeological places?

Pictures are not restricted at all, but if you bring a camera, you'll have to pay a fee in order to use it. We recommend to take pictures with your smartphone.

Why to choose a LDS tour to visit Cancun?

If you are LDS, you'll want to have an LDS Tour. There's a lot of story that you need to know about and this will help you to strengthen your testimony. And even if you are not a LDS, come with us, we want to share with you what we believe.

How big my bag can be in order to take it to the tour?

Try to bring a small bag, the less things you bring the better.

How much cash should I take with me?

You can bring as much cash as you want, but you don't need to bring cash unless you want to buy souvenirs.

Is there any zones that are insecure?

There aren't zones that are insecure. We take you to the places where the tourists go, so those are secure places.

Can I ask questions during the tour?

Yes, you can. We would love to hear your questions and comments during the tour.

What will happen if there is a bad weather?

You don’t need to worry about that,  we can always reschedule your tour.

May I climb the pyramids?

There are two sites where you can climb the pyramids, Ek Balam and Coba. Other than those two sites you can't climb the pyramids on the other sites.

Are the tours only in English/Spanish?

Both, but mostly in English.

Can I get transportation from the airport to my hotel or from my hotel to the airport?

Yes. we have different options in our web page, just get in contact with us.

If I get transportation services, what information do I need to provide?

You'll need to let us know the name of the airline, the flight #, the time of your arrival and departure, where are you staying at and the time that you would like to leave your resort at.

Where is the best place for Currency Exchange?

Don't do it at the Airport, try to do it once you get to your destination, and look for the places where they take the Dollar higher.

What should I bring to my trip to Cancun?

There's a lot of humidity, so bring light and comfortable clothing. Bring your swimsuit, walking shoes, biodegradable sunscreen, sunglasses and something else to cover you from the sun.

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