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Helaman's Biography

Helaman was born in Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico. In 1964. His family joined the LDS church in 1959 in Puebla. Helaman is the 7th of a family of 11 children. Most of them with book of Mormon names. He attended his junior high school in the LDS school in Mexico City (Benemerito de las americas). Helaman got his license to be Tour Guide by the Mexican government in 1983 and started to work as a Tour Guide in Tulum, Mexico. In 1984. He learned languages like: English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German.  

Helaman is of Mayan and Aztec descent and has been sharing his insight and love of these cultures with thousands of people who have visited the Yucatan over the past 30 years. 16 years ago Helaman started his own company called Helaman Tours, to focus on the LDS perspective of the archeological sites. He was one of the first two Tour Guides to offer LDS tours in Cancun. Helaman founded his own tour company in 2000.

He has served 3 times as Branch President, 4 times in the High Council and Seminary Teacher for 6 years.  Thru these callings, especially while teaching seminary, he gained a greater love and knowledge of the scriptures and the language of the ancient symbols on the Mayan temples.

Helaman got married to Elva and they have 4 children: Susan, Nefi, Dayana and Gema. 

Susan is now married and has 3 children, she currently lives in Cancun. Susan got her Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Nefi served a mission in Culiacan, Mexico. He is now married and has 3 children, Nefi is also a Certified Tour Guide. Dayana is also married and has 2 children. She got a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and she also lives in Cancun. Gema studied in Utah and she got her two-year degree at the LDS Business College, she studied Accounting. She got married a year and a half ago. She now works for her dad, she gets to book the tours and help customers with any questions.

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