Meet Our Team

We want to give you the best experience as you could possibly have.




Owner/Tour Guide

Helaman has been doing tours for 40 years. His mission was to move from Mexico City and follow his dad to Cancun. That's when he decided to start with his own company "Helaman Tours". He decided to teach his brothers and eventually his son Nephi and son's in law Jonathan and Carlos. Helaman loves to do tours and teach people about the Mayan Culture and how the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ relates to this. Helaman speaks 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. 

Jonathan del Monte

Tour Guide

Jonathan has 10 years of experience working for Helamantours. He served his mission in Torreon, Mexico. Jonathan is an Official licensed and certified tour guide. He loves to share his knowledge and his passion about the cultures in the American continent. He got married to Susan, who is the oldest daughter of Helaman. Jonathan is fluent in Spanish and English. 


Gema Petlacalco

Executive Secretary

Gema is willing to assist you during your reservation and booking. She is very excited to share her customer service and accounting skills with you. Gema is Helaman's youngest daughter. She studied Accounting at the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, UT. Gema got married 2 years ago in Utah. She lived in Utah for 9 years. She is fluent in Spanish and English.