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About other LDS tour companies

My advice for dealing with other LDS tour companies

1.  Make sure that your guide understands ancient America and the spiritual meaning behind the archaeological sites.

 In my experience, I have seen many tour guides teaching incorrect doctrine because they do not have the knowledge to correctly explain the history and symbolism in these archaeological sites.  I will not name any names and I will not tell you any of these stories because it is hard for me as the source of some of these mistruths are related to me and are trying to ride my coat tails, so to speak.  Please do not let the actions of my relatives affect your opinion of me.  I love the gospel with all my heart and try my best to be completely honest with my tourists.  I do not like to speculate and do not make up grandiose stories.  I do not abuse a tourist's inexperience with the Mayan culture just for shock and awe.  I actively use the Book of Mormon on my tours to help teach the evolution from Lamanite to Mayan.

2.  Make sure your tour guide is not only licensed, but currently authorized by the Mexican government. Each tour guide in a company should be able to provide you with their license number.  Ask for it!


This is what an official and authorized license looks like.  The smaller the number, the longer that person has been a tour guide.  As you can see my number is very low at 00685.  Also, look for the term Guia de Turistas GENERAL.  This means they are certified through the Mexican government after passing several exams to legally take tourists to any archaeological site in Mexico.  Some tour guides are only licensed to work in a specific site such as Tulum. 

3.  Be wary of claims made on their websites.  Do a little research.

Some websites are claiming to be in business for 20, 30, or even 40 years.  Cancun was developed in 1973.  Before that, there were very few tourists.  As you can see, the math does not add up.  I started as a tour guide in Tulum 28 years ago.  In 2001, only 9 years ago, I started focusing my tours specifically on LDS tourists. Jose Davila was the first tour guide to do this.  Jose stopped giving tours shortly before I started my company.  I wanted to share my love of the gospel and how it relates to these beautiful archaeological sites with others who believe the same way I do.  Jose has since passed away.  I also do not like to make claims on my website regarding past customers.  Obviously, most people either make up references or only post good reviews.  Please contact me for personal references from people who have gone on a tour with me or who knows me as an individual.

Competition is good as long as it is based on truth and correct teachings, not on lies!  I have studied the Book of Mormon extensively and I am willing to share my knowledge with some of these other companies so that you, the tourist, gain the most insight into how blessed we are to have living prophets and scriptures that tell the story of these lost people.  Unfortunately, I am just a man and cannot force them to desire or understand more on a spiritual level.  It is just like a testimony.  You cannot borrow it and you cannot lend it to someone else.  It is something learned and given only by the Holy Ghost.

It is my hope that you make an educated decision for a spiritually uplifting experience.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.