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Welcome to Helaman Tours!!

Where we will take you to the times of the Maya and show you everything that we believe relates to the Book of Mormon. The tours that we offer are private, meaning that your family will be the only one in the tour.

You don't need to be member of the LDS church or Mormon church, you can still enjoy a wonderful private tour with Helaman. He's ready to share his knowledge of 40 years!

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Private LDS Tours

Reserve a tour to Chichen Itzá which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World! Learn more about the Mayans and their culture. Visit Tulum and fall in love with its turquoise ocean and Ek Balam, which means "Black Jaguar". Ride bikes in Coba!

Cozumel Cruise Ship Private LDS Tours

Don't miss a tour to Tulum or Coba with Cenote. You won't regret it and you'll learn a lot about the ancient civilizations. Just let us know the time of the ship arrival and departure and we'll let you know the options that we have for your family.

Costa Maya Cruise Ship Private LDS Tours

If you are stopping at Costa Maya, you might want to book a tour with us to: Chacchoben, Cenote Azul, DzibancheKohunlich or Tulum. These ruins are located deep in the jungle and we have a lot of information that we'd love to share with you and your family.  

Private Transportation

Round trip private transportation to any of these parks. *We can help you get your tickets in advance, just ask us for details. We also offer private transportation from/to the airport. We'll just need the flight information in order to book it.

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